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Camper Quotes 2009

At the end of their time at Camp Sojourner, we ask campers to tell us what they’ve learned at camp.  Here are some of the things they shared this summer.

Camp Sojourner taught me…

more ways to be a leader. — Sabria, age 13

to treat people with respect. — Kivia, age 13

how to control my anger. — Jykara, age 12

everyone is a leader in our own way. — Cayla, age 12

new songs, woodworking — Ayana, age 13

how to face my fears — Cora, age 12

never bump into another canoe in the water. — Yasmeen, age 10

that we are stronger than others think we are. — Nikki age 14

drumming is harder than it looks. — Camille, age 11

how to boat and how to dance, how to use a bow and arrow. — Soniyah, age 11

how to make friends. — Candace, age 12

leadership the most, and to have fun. — Gladys, age 12