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Camper Quotes 2011

What campers learned by being part of Camp Sojourner 2011:

I can always be myself regardless of perception. Ainye, age 14

I began to work better with other people. Joy Derry, age 11

I feel that I helped others grow more so than myself, so I feel that I grew in being more of a mediator :) than I already am. Stephanie, age 13

I did things I never did before.  Milan, age 10

I grew as a person because I wasn’t talking in the beginning of camp and then I ended up talking. Valencia, age 12

I can trust people when I’m afraid.  Tiana, age 10

Before I came here I was shy but now I’m not. Jabriyah, age 12

Throughout the school year I was serious, always work work, and this week I learned to smile (not for a pic) and laugh. Tahylor, age 12

I learned that it’s okay to be random and my cabin showed me that by not judging the way I act. Shaniyah, age 12

I learned to try new things and to not judge people by their cover. Cierra, age 11

I learned that nature is very delicate when you enter the woods you don’t want t leave any traces because you can damage a habitat.  Teshae, age 14

I saw 3 salamanders, 2 frogs, 4 deer, and 1 chipmunk.  Brandy, age 13

When moss is on the ground, it feels like a carpet. Stephanie, age 13

I learned octopus pupils are square. Tahji, age 11

I learned about different trees, leaves, and bugs. Symone, age 11

I learned that the snake in my boat was a garden snake! LaDaisha, age 14

I learned how to drum and write verses to songs.  Jaida, age 13

I tried songwriting. It was fun and I enhanced my writing. Taylor, age 12

In painting, I learned how to fix my mistakes.  Amaya, age 11

I like drama, I’ve never done it before but I tried something new and had fun.  Brooke, age 13

In theater, we learned how to write monologues and did improv.  Shanirah, age 13

In woodworking me and my partner helped each other out by holding each others wood while the other person hammered the nail in.  Shaniyah, age 12

I learned that leadership isn’t that hard. It just takes courage and a voice. Valencia, age 12

Everyone’s input results in everyone’s happiness.  Camille, age 13

I learned that you have to be confident in yourself. Tashina, age 13

I learned that in order for something to work, everybody has to work together.

Soniyah, age 13

I learned that to be a leader, you must be yourself.  Jaida, age 13