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Ms Shelley and Ms. Lauren show us how to use a hand drill.

Kivia starts her project.

Ayana takes some space to work on hers.

We learn how to saw.

Aasiyah is almost finished.

Tiana and Tykera make progress.

Ms. Shahida lends a hand.

Jadea hammers the side onto her project.

Ms. Cassie and Camille get the angles to line up straight.

Shanirah turns out to be very handy with a saw.

What good is building something if you can’t decorate it?!

In arts and crafts, Ms. Sasha begins creating a mask of Yasmine’s face.

Ms. Patrese does her magic making a mask with Alexis.

Kayla adds some color.

Alexis seems happier without plaster on her face…

Is that Ainye ? It’s hard to tell behind the mask….

Tiana strikes a pose.

In Ms. Shahida’s creative writing workshop, everyone gets to be a poet.

Ms. Colleen gets the Camp Sojourner drummers into shape.

The dance class warms up.

Ms. Jen leads her class in stretches.

The dance class plans their choreography.

Partners plan their dances for the talent show.

Ms. Jen plays a rhythm for everyone to dance to.

Camp Sojourner dancers perform at the talent show.