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The best part of camp is getting to spend time with each other!

Inez and Tiana, sisters, get to visit during an activity.

Outside the dining hall before meals is a favorite time see friends and catch up with each other.

The Yemojas, our oldest cabin group, are inseparable.

Nateisha, one of our junior counselors, has a rare moment with her younger sister Ashanay.

Ayana, Ms. Colleen, Shana, and Camille hang out at the beach.

But inside the cabin at nighttime is where the fun really starts!

Alexis was often laughing with her cabinmates.

Shanirah and Jadea get ready for bed.

Yasmine, Kayla, Shonirah, and Camille do their elephant impression.

Meals were a great time to talk and sing songs.  What was so funny about breakfast, Camille?

Camp Sojourner made an impression on all of us…